National Convention Inner Circle Recap, Amenities, Staffing, Marketing, and More!

October 5, 2020

Chapter Markers

0:00 Greetings everyone!
2:50 RAL NAT CON Summary
11:02 Setup a virtual tour
11:48 Inner Circle Debrief
13:40 Filling your home quickly (building a relationship with the community)
22:02 Where are you finding these people to fill your own?
26:23 Funeral home story
30:20 More marketing ideas for networking
33:29 Uber idea
34:20 Owners who have the right property in the wrong area
36:01 SRES realtors and creating network connections
38:55 Wholesalers
41:45 Reverse mortgaging and renting rooms
43:11 Getting creative with amenities
51:22 Staffing options
1:01:15 Summing up
1:02:15 Encouragement

Resources Mentioned

RAL National Convention
SRES Realtors
The Predictive Index

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