Hosted by Residential Assisted Living Academy’s Own Loe Hornbuckle and Jordan Cole, Memory Care Assisted Living home operators.

Special guests, Bryan Harmon PT, MBA , Dr. Paul Chafetz, and expert investor and fundraiser Victor Menasce.

This comprehensive training walks you through the many aspects that help inform and instruct you to become or sharpen your skills as an assisted living home operators specializing in memory care techniques.

This 12 video memory care training will analyze the key factors and concerns to equip you with the knowledge required to open or convert your home.

Hear from expert doctors who work with Memory Care homes on important considerations and valuable insight in the understanding and operation of your memory care home.

Sessions Include:

  • Introduction To Memory Care Homes
  • Staffing- Building the Team
  • Licensure & Knowing the Rules
  • Case Studies, Real Memory Care Examples
  • Raising Capital, The Effective Way
  • Raising Capital, Sitting Down with the Experts Victor Menasce
  • Dementia Care & Physical Therapy
  • CODOP, Adult Children of Difficult Older parents
  • Marketing For memory Care Homes
  • Final Review

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Course Includes

  • 10 Sections
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